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We the Royal Log Homes & Wendys authorities are master at utilizing customary log home building methods, and are setting the benchmarks in Log Homes in Gauteng others would love to strive for. Come to Royal Log Homes & Wendys to examine with us the conceivable outcomes of building your remarkable log home of interminable magnificence.

At Royal Log Homes & Wendys the nature of our item, consideration regarding subtle elements and learning of log home building is the best in South Africa. We give proficient and slick log houses for any utilization from a Tool shed to a log home. Royal Log Homes & Wendys we pride ourselves on our extraordinary, proffesional aptitudes in creating wonderful Log Homes by hand from the crude materials. We offer the best plan and fabricate administration to enable you to make your fantasy log home at a reasonable Cost. Our development benefit are eco amicable.

We are situated in Pretoria, Gauteng in South Africa however we provide food for any territory outside Gauteng giving you the certainty that you will get your fantasy Log Home. We don’t stop at handmade log structures, we additionally make outline structures, post and shaft structures, exceptionally adjusted and processed items and in addition being the best Gauteng wholesaler for Log Homes.

Why choose a Wooden House?

  • Wooden Houses is a pleasing shelter to live and very comfortable
  • Cheap and has a long lifespan
  • House can resist hurricanes and earthquakes
  • Has low maintenance cost
  • Is suitable for all types of weather
  • Can be moved from one place to another


  • Cottages
  • Class Rooms
  • Family Houses
  • Bar Huts
  • Mini Cabins
  • Doll Houses
  • Tools Sheds
  • Decking
  • Dog kennels
  • This is the highest quality Wendy and the material done by taking off the edge of a round pole to make a half round plank. It has a tongue side and a groove side. The plank has done to produce a solid and strong panel that must be made with planks ranging from 16mm up to 42mm.

  • That is the tongue and groove flat planks whereby the planks overlap slightly and makes a perfect seal.
  • For strong panels the planks must range from 16mm up to 32mm.

  • The planks must be horizontal and overlapping each other to avoid the penetration of rain and strong winds.
  • This is the cheapest Wendy that are suitable for tools keeping and storage.



  • 38 x 76 beams with a space of 400mm from one to another (Base structure)
  • Thickness of the floor must be 19 mm and there is 22mm and 32 mm which is done on Customers request.
  • The frame must be done by 50×38 beams with a space of 500mm.
  • 76×38 beams can be used upon customers request
  • 100mm nails will be used for the frame and the 50 mm ring shanks nails to be used for closing the panels.
  • 114X38 will be used for the trusses and our spacing range from 800 mm up to 1200mm depending on the type of roof and sheets. Note that Harvey tiles can be used.
  • Ceiling and cladding to be done by 6mm Rhino boards and will be joined with bishop strips. Interior painting can be done upon customers request.

  • All our Wendy’s will be treated with wax oil and tinted with colour of the customer’s choice
  • Doors and Windows are made from pine timbers only and aluminium material can be used upon customers request

  • Our Quotations is valid for a period of 30 days from date of quotation
  • All our prices are excluding electricity, plumbing and painting.
  • The Customer should provide accommodation if the workers must stay on the site.
  • Electricity/Generator must be provided by the client at his own cost
  • 50% of price of the project to be paid as deposit before we start the project.
  • 40% to be paid on the roof level and the remaining 10% to be paid on the final Inspection.

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